What are automatic doors? How do automatic door work? 2023

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, the trend of developing tools for the welfare of people has increased. Therefore, the automatic industry has also benefited from this development. Due to the facilities and advantages of this industry, it is used in most places.

Currently, the use of automatic doors is very high. Each type of electric door has a specific application. The high acceptance of the automatic door is its use in speeding up commuting, optimizing energy consumption, and its high safety.

The automatic glass door is one of the most important products of BENTUR AUTOMATIC DOORS Company, which is used in places such as commercial complexes, residential complexes, banks, hospitals and clinics, hotels, and guesthouses. In addition to the beautiful design, it prevents the loss of heating or cooling energy. All kinds of automatic sliding doors are produced in the world market.

According to the design of the entrance of the building, an electric door should be chosen it.

This article, prepared by BENTUR AUTODOOR systems research and development center, introduces the types of automatic door, their constituent parts, how they function, and how they work.

This article provides complete and comprehensive information on buying automatic doors, prices, and types of electric shutters.

Automatic doors are very diverse in terms of types and installation locations. According to the type of application, it is divided into the following groups:

  1.  Automatic sliding door
  2.  Automatic parking door
  3. Industrial and commercial automatic door

    Each of the above items has a special feature and has a different use. Automatic glass doors are mostly at the entrance of commercial office buildings and hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, entertainment centers such as pools and game cities, etc. is used.

    In addition to beauty, the automatic door prevents the entry of dust and the spread of viruses due to the lack of a handle. It is used in high-traffic or patient-oriented places such as hospitals and laboratories .

    It is also widely used in automatic glass, which prevents energy wastage in high-traffiَc areas

How does the automatic door work?

A door that opens and closes automatically without manual intervention is an automatic door. This type of door is opened and closed using an electronic motor and an electronic circuit system designed for it. As a result, it can be said that the automatic door is one of the equipments that makes people comfortable when entering and leaving. It is also very useful for the physically and physically disabled because of the automaticity of the system. Because there is no need to touch the door to open and close.

The power of moving the automatic glass door is supplied by an electric motor. It is opened and closed by the command issued by the sensor (electronic eye) or other access controls . Of course, other parts such as coding device and fingerprint card reader and face recognition device or chassis key can also be added to the above device.

In line with the safety of pedestrians, safety sensors are installed in the form of electronic curtain eyes or infrared sensors in fixed door hinges. If there is an obstacle during closing, the above part will automatically prevent the door from closing. This is to prevent harm to people and to increase the useful life of the electric door device .

The electric smart door can be opened and closed vertically and horizontally. But generally, the idea of an automatic glass door is to open and close horizontally with a movable hinge. But industrial and commercial doors have vertical and guillotine opening. Roll-up shutters and sectional shutters are among them.

Automatic Doors are powered open and closed either by power, spring, or both. There are several methods by which an automatic door is activated:

  • Mechanism of the sliding door of an elevator
  • – A sensor detects traffic is approaching. Sensors for automatic doors are generally:
  • – A pressure sensor – e.g., a floor mat which reacts to the pressure of someone standing on it.
  • – An infrared curtain or beam which shines invisible light onto sensors; if someone or something blocks the beam, the door is triggered open.
  • A motion sensor uses low-power microwave radar for the same effect.
  • – A remote sensor (e.g. based on infrared or radio waves) can be triggered by a portable remote control, or is installed inside a vehicle. These are popular for garage doors.
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